Myra & Company Facial Peels are designed to combat specific problems areas. If you are unsure of your skins needs, schedule a complimentary skin analysis.


Types of Peels

  • GLYCOLIC: Evens out skin tone, while softening fine lines and wrinkles.
  • BETA: Reduces Inflammation associated with acne and ingrown hairs.
  • ALPHA-BETA: Same results as glycolic and beta peel combined. For very sensitive skin.


Arms / Hands
$40 / $60
Chest / Back
$55 / $75
Face, Neck & Chest
Arms, Hands & Back
Spot Area


One of our most effective peels that removes the dead layer of skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars. Dehydrated dull skin can appear radiant and supple with only one treatment. leaves skin flowing and ready to face the day.

Face & Neck
Arms / Hands
$60 / $40
Chest / Back
$100 / $150
Face, Neck & Chest
Arms, Hands & Back
Spot Area

Advanced Skincare

Imperfection Correction

Do you have small but permanent red spots on your skin, along the sides of your nose? How about a skin tag on your neck or on your back? Our system removes facial imperfections such as red veins, skin tags and cholesterol lumps.

    • $2 per minute
    • Available in 15, 30 & 45 minute sessions



Bling Bling Facial

A rejuvenation treatment combined with the latest anti-aging technologies delivers maximum results and benefits in every step. Skin is refreshed, plumped, and appears softer. Imperfections become nearly invisible thanks to the diamond particles utilized in this treatment.

    • 80 minutes – $275




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