Scrubs & Wraps

Myra & Company spa rituals invigorate your blood circulation, while softening your skin. Choose your exfoliation treatment to remove all your rough edges, including a layer of stress. Our body wraps include a scalp massage during your cocooned time.. Discover which natural remedy appeals to your body needs and wants today.

Divine Life Journey

Experience four massage techniques from around the world, along with a mini spa facial and body scrub designed to turn back the hands of time. This 2 hour treatment fulfills every desire your spa imagination can create, while hydrating and rejuvenating your skin on a whole new level.

    • 120 minutes – $200

Holiday Excursion

Enjoy this decadent combination of our favorites! Our holiday spice scrub removes all layers of stress, with traces of walnut, pumpkin and oatmeal extracts. Then your heavenly expedition continues with a moisturizing Brazilian Body Butter wrap. As if this wasn’t enough, an extended pressure point scalp massage is enjoyed during the duration of your body wrap.

    • 60 minutes – $175



All of our scrubs exfoliate,so simply choose the scent that moves you the most!

    • 30 minutes – $75
    • 30 minutes – $50 when done in conjunction with a massage and/or wrap



Choose from the following nourishing body wraps:

  • Detoxifying soul: Return your skin to its natural state with our intense clay body mask, which removes impurities. This is an excellent wrap for improving skin tone and unwanted dimples.
  • Cocoa Butter Cocoon: Warm cocoa butter is lathered on the body to create a little piece of heaven with moisturizing benefits.
  • Aromatherapy: Enjoy a single note or the aroma combination of your choice heated and then blended into your body creating a lush, spirit lifting treatment.
    • 50 minutes – $110
    • 50 minutes – $75 when done in conjunction with a massage and/or body scrub

Myra & Company’s massage license number is MA:6502.

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