We specialize in you having a good time, getting ready for your main event… Whether you’re celebrating a special event or just looking for a reason to spend time with friends South Miami’s Urban Oasis is the place to be. At your request we have put together a Party Menu; however, we pride ourselves in customizing each Party to meet all of you & your guests needs.

21st Birthday Bash

$200 per person

    • 50 minute Aromatherapy Massage
    • Paraffin Pedicure
    • Spa Lunch
    • 2 glasses of wine

Macho Spa Party

$300 per person

    • 50 minute Manly Massage
    • Gentleman’s Facial
    • Buff Pedicure
    • Spa Lunch with a Beer

Party of Three

$900 for a group of three

    • 35 minute Swedish Massage
    • Mini Spa Facial
    • Spa Manicure
    • Spa Pedicure
    • Spa Salad

Girlfriend Gathering

$275 per person

    • Body Scrub
    • 25 minute Swedish Massage
    • Signature Spa Facial
    • French Manicure

Princess Party

$175 per person (12 & under)

    • 25 minute Massage or Mini Spa Facial
    • Young Adult Manicure
    • Young Adult Pedicure
    • Party Make-Up
    • Pizza

Party of One

$800 for two people

    • Body Wrap
    • 80 minute Therapeutic Massage
    • Moisture Maple Facial
    • Spa Manicure
    • Spa Pedicure
    • Spa Cuisine with a flute of champagne

Party Cafe Menu

Hummus $35
House made hummus sprinkled paprika served with feta & baked pita chips.

Tuna Melt $40
Tuna with apples bits & low fat mayonnaise covered with a blanket of mozzarella

Quesadilla Spicy Chicken Platter $50
Grilled, Spicy Chicken with Mozzarella, Served with Sour Cream and Guacamole

Large Caesar Salad $40.00 with Chicken $ 50
Classic with Croutons & Sliced Parmesan Cheese

Large Greek Salad $40  – w/  Chicken $50

Pitcher of Iced Tea $10

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